Self-organized Sessions Istanbul 2022

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Selforganized Sessions will be determine on location. But if you like you can already here leave a note on this site about the session you are planning to find interested people. If you have question about a session to prepare before the event, ask @rootzoll on twitter. Information on how edit this site - see here.

Date/Time Topic Sessiontype Contact Notes
TBD RaspiBlitz: How to add your own app Talk + Q&A @rootzoll @openoms For all that have or plan to add their app to RaspiBlitz.
TBD PeerSwap Presentation Talk + Q&A @sputn1ck Overview of PeerSwap, a peer to peer channel balancing protocol
TBD PeerSwap Workshop Workshop @sputn1ck Peerswap Usage workshop for lnd and clightning (BYON)
TBD Galoy API Freecorn Workshop / Instructions Workshop @nicolasburtey Kemal Hack the Galoy API with $21 & 21K Sats in USD/BTC Wallet
TBD Albythe Lightning Browser wallet Talk + Q&A Alby Team; Telegram; @Moritz How Alby builds the bridge between wallets and websites on Lightning
TBD exploring and setting up a regtest environment for automated testing Docker based repository hacking & exploring @lapistanofrom lipa team
TBD exploring lightning development kit (ldk) hacking & exploring @pauli_adrian from lipa team