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If you're looking for a new idea for a Lightning App (LApp), here's some inspiration!
Would be great if you leave your Twitter or Mattermost handle here as well so that people can reach out to you for later.
Also any links with examples or similar stuff will be handy.

Paywall Killer

Tried to build a platform to overcome the paywall restrictions and generate a PDF out of it.
Link -
Current Status - Had to put it down as few people suggested that its Not "purely" legal
Twitter -


Keysend is an option you can switch on to receive payments without creating an invoice first. To make people switch this feature on and to say thank you for running a full node on the lightning network it would be great to have a script that tries to make a small keysend payment to every node it discoveres on the network graph.

Jitsi Metering

In the Lightning Hackday YouTube stream, Ben mentioned an idea where you can ask a person to pay for support, e.g. via a paid Jitsi call. Below is my understanding of it --
Person 1 - I am stuck with a NodeJs issue and don't know how to move forward
Person 2 - I am NodeJS expert with great reputation
P1 - Lets connect to P2 (who is an expert of his trade) and yes i can pay per minute in SATS over Lightning for getting his support/suggestions
P2 - get paid in SATS for providing support
P1 - problem get solved easily without spending hours

Both parties happy

Link - NA
Current Status - Not sure if anyone has built anything like that
Twitter -