Bounties March 2021

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Bounty rules

Bounties are a good way to motivate someone to work on one of the Challenges. It doesn't have to be monetary, be creative! A bounty should be defined specific enough that an objective third party can judge whether the bounty is granted or not.

To add a bounty contact Rootzoll on the Mattermost or Twitter @rootzoll.

FinTS Server Bounty

Merchants accepting Bitcoin (over Lightning) need an easy way to integrate transactions into their existing bookkeeping software. Like you can connect your bank account to your bookkeeping software by the FinTS it would be great of you can connect your Lightning Node (running on a RaspiBlitz) to that software and manage your Bitcoin Holdings as a "Foreign Currency Account".

There is a 0.01 BTC bounty to create a small server (running next to a lightning node) that implements a subset of the FinTS standard to connect and manage your Lightning transactions with a FinTS supporting bookkeeping software.

See details on this challenge.

LNbits Bounties

x2 0.015btc bounties available for LNbits extensions, to suggest go to