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What have you done for Bitcoin today? ⚑

#7DaysOfBitcoin is an individual challenge leading up to the #LightningHacksprint on March 27th/28th 2021. It starts on Sunday, March 21st 2021 and ends on Sunday, March 28th 2021.

The goal 🏁

The goal is to challenge yourself for 7 days to consciously contribute something to the greater Bitcoin and Lightning Network ecosystem. This is not a competition but a personal (micro-) challenge. Step out of your comfort zone or just push yourself to do a little thing you normally wouldn't do. Or a little more of what you normally do. Try to create some value for yourself and everyone else.

No worries, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. We all have different paces, one small step for you might be a giant leap for someone else. πŸš€

The ideas πŸ’‘

In rough order of difficulty and time commitment:

  • buy Bitcoin
  • help someone to buy Bitcoin
  • install and test a new wallet
  • help a precoiner with his first steps down the rabbit hole
  • read an article or a book on Bitcoin
  • contribute some knowledge to a project
  • contribute some code to a project
  • write a tweet about a certain topic
  • write a blog article about a certain topic
  • write a comprehensive answer to a question on Bitcoin Stackexchange
  • record a podcast about a certain topic
  • create a video about a certain topic
  • install a Bitcoin full node
  • install a Lightning Network node
  • open a new Lightning channel
  • convince a merchant to accept Bitcoin payments
  • help a merchant to accept Bitcoin payments
  • shop at a merchant that accepts Bitcoin payments
  • prepare and hold a self-organized session during the #LightningHacksprint

Get going! πŸ‡πŸ•³οΈ

You can start right now. Track your progress on Twitter and let others know about it: #7DaysOfBitcoin

Progress tracker ⏳

If you want, you can use this section to publicly track your progress and inspire others.