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Concept for a weekly Lightning talk while the world is in lockdown.


Potzblitz! - The weekly Lightning talk



🔉 Listen!

Meaning: Expression of great wonder and amazement. 🤯


Every Sunday night at 8 pm GMT+2 Berlin check your local time


60-120 minutes

Target group

Bitcoin and Lightning Network developers, power users and enthusiasts


Creating a sense of community, updating the community on the latest developments and giving creators a platform to showcase their project


  • Short introduction by the regular host
  • detailed talk and presentation by the weekly guest
  • interview of the weekly guest by a weekly moderator
  • Q&A moderated by weekly moderator and answered by guest, regular host adds comments and monitors questions

After the stream, the Jitsi room could be announced publicly so viewers can hangout together and chat with host, guest and moderator (not recorded)

Technical setup

Small Jitsi room with 3-5 participants (regular host, guest, moderator)

YouTube stream

Second Jitsi room for community hangout to watch and comment the stream together

Community engagement

The community could engage on these channels, so they have to be monitored by the regular host before, during and after the show.

  • Twitter
  • YouTube stream comments
  • Jitsi hangout
  • Mattermost