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Last Event: Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday #3

The Wiki is now closed for unregistered accounts until the next hackday. If you need an account write on twitter @fulmolightning

Welcome :) You joined or will join the LightningHackday - now join the Lightning Hackday Wiki.

  • [RaspiBlitz] - Our manual for you to quickly setup a Lightning Node on a cheap RaspberryPi setup to get your LApp runnig.
  • HackIdeas - List a your hackday projects, add ideas, and fund a challenge.
  • LApps - An incomplete list of LApps (LightningApps) just for inspiration.
  • Talks & Slides - You did a barcamp talk at the hackday? You have any slides or links to share afterwards: Plz here.
  • Learning Resources - Where can I learn more?
  • Bulletin board - for searching for or providing anything special
  • Join #lightninghack on [join]