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Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/x-tor2ip-tunnelservice
Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/x-tor2ip-tunnelservice
* Emzy: Proof-of-Concept TOR2IP witch socat
* Openoms: SetUp-Tutorial: https://github.com/openoms/bitcoin-tutorials/blob/master/tor2ip_tunnel.md
* k9ert: prototyping multiuser-frontend (web service with Lightning Payment)
===Wiki Lightning Spam Protection===
===Wiki Lightning Spam Protection===

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Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for this HackSprint so far (list grow soon):


Github issues with label "hackathon": https://github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Ahackathon

Video helping you to get started with RaspiBlitz development: https://youtu.be/qTHDkFppsz0

Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/raspiblitz



Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/x-lnbits

In a push to get lnbits new update out and extend its functionality, x3 0.03btc bounties are available for anyone developing extensions. If you're interested in making an extension, pop into the stream for a chat. If the community likes the idea, you can make it and on completion get one of the bounties!

see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnHz6NbTgZg

Quickening - Room77 Point of Sale

Github issues starting with "Room77" https://github.com/arcbtc/M5StackSats/issues

Please work on the branch"payment_connector" use the version in the folder "TheQuickening"

Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/x-pos-room77-quickening


A service to give a Lightning node running behind TOR a port on a public IP address.

Subpage with Challenge: TOR2IP-Tunnelservice

Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/x-tor2ip-tunnelservice

Wiki Lightning Spam Protection

Turn this prototype https://github.com/thorie7912/LightningPayment to add a Lightning SpamProtection into a Media Wiki Extension thats easy to install and config on a standard Media Wiki.

Chatroom to get started: https://mm.fulmo.org/fulmo/channels/media-wiki-spam-protection

Need more ideas?

Looking for yet another idea to build a small LApp? Check out Ideas for LApps!

Adding your Project

Feel free to add a challenge yourself! Ask Jeff or Rootzoll on the Mattermost for the password to edit the Wiki-Page. If you have a GitHub Repo best practice is to put the label "hackathon" (yellow) next to issues you like people to join/help for the weekend. If you added a challenge please also get in touch on Mattermost for more information and collaboration.