Zap iOS Wallet with RaspberryPi Zero Backend

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Why wait for Watchtowers, when you can run your own LND Node on a RaspberryPi Zero - connected to your mobile Zap iOS Lightning Wallet?

Did you know you can run LND on a RaspberryPi Zero?

And you can connect the Zap iOS Mobile Wallet with a LND Node running on a little Server:

So why not have LND on a RaspberryPi Zero running at home as a lightweight backend for your mobile Zap Wallet ... no Watchtowers needed.


To play with the waveshare ePaper HAT for the RaspiZero: Specs and Doch on the waveshare wiki:

In case the RaspberryPi Zero should open a WLAN to make connection to a mobile phone:


We have a RaspberryPi Zero to play for you at the hacktable during the event ... if you can connect the PiZero with the ZapIOS Wallet, you can keep the RaspiZero as a bounty :)