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You did a barcamp talk at the hackday? You have any slides or links to share afterwards. Plz add yourself here.

Hackday #3 Berlin

Up comming ... see:

Hackday #2 Berlin

Intro-Talk: Introduction on how Exchange Union plans to implement the Lightning Network


11:30h: Matreon / AWS demo

13:00h: Candy dispenser

14:00h: Multi-hop locks

17:00h: Visualsatition library


11:30h: Bitcoin / Etherum swaps

12:00h: Cross-chain swaps

12:30h: Designing Lightning

13:00h: Documentary about Bitcoin / Lightning

13:00h: Autopilot improvements : summary of the session at:

14:00h: Watchtower discussion

15:00h: Supply chain-payouts

15:30h: P2P Business Lightning implementation


BitHyve Proof of Concept for LApp - BitHyve

Paper Multi-Hop Locks for Secure, Privacy-Preserving and Interoperable Payment-Channel Networks - Paper recommended in talk by @bitconner and @roasbeef