Self-organized Sessions May 2020

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The main focus of the HackSprint is working on the Challenges. But you can add more experimental self-organized sessions and content during the weekend. This could be a livestream giving a small talk or running a VR meetup - get creative.

To add a self-organized session ask Jeff or Rootzoll on the Mattermost for the password to edit the Wiki-Page.

Time Table

All times in Berlin time (GMT+2).

Date/Time Topic Type of session Presenter/Moderator Link
Saturday, 03:00pm RaspiBlitz v1.5 Final Release Meetup Show & Discussion rootzoll Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Saturday, 04:00pm Quantitative analysis of LN privacy (presentation of a recent paper) (video, slides) Talk & Discussion Sergei Tikhomirov Watch the recording! 📺
Saturday, 05:00 - 05:30pm Introduction to ThunderHub an LND node manager (ThunderHub) Show & Discussion Anthony Potdevin Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Saturday, 5.30pm Livestream on the World Crypto Network Livestream Joshua Scigala and Max Hillebrand Watch on YouTube! 📺
Sunday, 03:00pm Technical Roundtable: Ask us anything about lnd, the recent v0.10.0 release, MPP, Anchor Outputs, PSBT, Loop, Faraday, LSAT... Roundtable/Q&A Carla Kirk-Cohen, Oliver Gugger Join the Jitsi call! 📞