Self-organized Sessions March 2021

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The main focus of the HackSprint is working on the Challenges. But you can add more experimental self-organized sessions and content during the weekend. This could be a livestream giving a small talk, make a discussion round, present an idea or demo - get creative.

Feel free to add your session for the Hacksprint - leave a twitter or email contact and we will reachout to you before the event about the details.

Time Table

All times in Berlin time ... check the world timezone converter especially because we might see a shift between winter & summer time in some timezones.

Date/Time Topic Type of session Presenter/Moderator Link
Saturday (27th), 06:00pm CET HACKSPRINT KICK-OFF Live-Stream see MainPage
Saturday (27th), 07:00pm CET Lightning Routing: Building a New Economy Presentation with Q&A Alex Bosworth Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Saturday (27th), 08:00pm CET Show & Discussion Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Saturday (27th), 09:00pm CET RaspiBlitz - v1.7RC1, WebUI & Teamdiscuss Show & Discussion RaspiBlitz Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Sunday (28th), 03:00pm CET OpenSource & FullNodes Show & Discussion @rootzoll Join the Jitsi call! 📞
Sunday (28th), 06:00pm CET HACKSPRINT WRAP-UP Live-Stream see MainPage
Sunday (28th), 08:00pm CET MintGox (Gaming - eSports - Bitcoin) After-Event Homepage