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| 5:00pm
| 5:00pm
| From Cypherpunk to Solarpunk
| From Cypherpunk to Solarpunk: A Practical Utopia
| 402 Session
| 402 Session
| [https://twitter.com/MrChrisEllis Chris Ellis]
| [https://twitter.com/MrChrisEllis Chris Ellis]

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The main focus of the HackSprint is working on the Challenges. But you can add more experimental self-organized sessions and content during the weekend. This could be a livestream giving a small talk, make a discussion round, present an idea or demo - get creative.

To add a self-organized session ask Rootzoll on the Mattermost for the password to edit the Wiki-Page.

Time Table

All times are Berlin time (GMT+2) - links to video conferences should be available latest 10min before the start of the event.

Date/Time Topic Type of session Presenter/Moderator Link
27th Dec
6:00pm Lightning-Hacksprint Kick-Off Hacksprint rootzoll Livestream 📺
7:00pm Join Project Chats in our Mattermost Hacksprint rootzoll Link to Mattermost! 🗯
8:00pm Wallet Scrutiny / Reproducible Builds 402 Session @LeoWandersleb Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
9:00pm Create & customize your own tribe on the Sphinx Chat 402 Session Paul Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
28th Dec
1:00pm Lightning technical Q&A (upcoming lnd v0.12.0-beta and related projects) Q&A session guggero Q&A-Jitsi 📺
2:00pm Bitcoin Design 402 Session @GBKS Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
3:00pm Startup and Venture Capital office hours with Fulgur Ventures AMA session, just hop in ask anything, share something olegmikh Zoom link 📺
4:00pm Podcasting2.0 Decentralized money for decentralized content 402 Session Anita Posch Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
5:00pm From Cypherpunk to Solarpunk: A Practical Utopia 402 Session Chris Ellis Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
5:30pm Bitcoin & Lightning Network for Africa 402 Session Chimezie Chuta Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
6:00pm What's Specter? 402 Session @k9ert Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
7:00pm Deep dive into the Rust LNP Node and presentation of recent updates Hacksprint Maxim Orlovsky Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
8:00pm - 10:00pm Bitcoin Socratic Year-In-Review 2020 402 Session BitDevs Berlin Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
10:00pm Lighthing Kahout 402 Fun BitDevs Berlin Hacksprint-Jitsi 🕹
29th Dec
4:00pm Intro to Provable Crypto for the LN 402 Session nickler Hacksprint-Jitsi 📺
5:00pm Finalize Projects Outcome for Wrap-Up Hacksprint rootzoll Link to Mattermost! 🗯
6:00pm Lightning-Hacksprint Wrap-Up Hacksprint rootzoll Livestream 📺
7:00pm Bitcoin Bounty Hunt 402 Fun donnerlab Hacksprint-Jitsi 🕹

rC3 Talks

In parallel to the hacksprint there is also the rC3 (Remote Chaos Communication Congress) happening. To join the assemblies (402 & Bitcoin-Sofa) you need a rC3-Ticket (sold out). But there are a lot of interesting public talks happening you can watch without any ticket.