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We all love and have fun with []. Lets combine this idea with a Pixelflut LED display.

You dont know what a Pixelflut is ... take a look here:

It would be great to have a LED Matrix (like this one - but bigger is better), where there is an API Backend where I can buy pixels and with lightning to show at the next choas communication congress at the bitcoin assembly. So a first prototype is needed to get started.

Look at this LED tutorials:

Ask Christian/@rootzoll he can provide you with a the GNU code (

Are you up to the challenge? Come to the hack table ask for christian, send a twitter message to @rootzoll or email to


The bounty for this challenge is 1000 Dogecoin (Anybody feel free to add more). It can be claimed for a working open-source prototype. The sponsor is please get in contact for details.