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We all love and have fun with []. Lets combine this idea with a Pixelflut LED display.

You dont know what a Pixelflut is ... take a look here:

It would be great to have a LED Matrix (like this one - but bigger is better), where there is an API Backend where I can buy pixels and with lightning to show at the next choas communication congress at the bitcoin assembly. So a first prototype is needed to get started.

Look at this LED tutorials:

Ask Christian/@rootzoll he can provide you with a the GNU code ( But using this is not a must ... you could just start with the LCD and use the Lightning 402-PaymentRequest API: .. that would already be awesome :D

Are you up to the challenge? Come to the hack table ask for christian, send a twitter message to @rootzoll or email to - if you read this before the event and you like to commit to this challenge let us know .. then we try to get you some hardware to work on for the event.

Amazon Shopping

To buld this, you can buy and bring:

Also bring a soldering iron set. We can provide you with a raspberry.


The bounty for this challenge is 1000 Dogecoin (Anybody feel free to add more). It can be claimed for a working open-source prototype. The sponsor is please get in contact for details.