RaspiBlitz ePaper Display

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The RaspiBlitz has a LCD display - showing and updating status information. Its a simple shell script, getting executed and using the LCD as a Mini-Monitor.

People like the comfort of the LCD - showing status and instructions. But the LCD has no Buttons for interaction and also it emits constant light that some people dont like to have runnig all the time in the living room. Also it would be nice to reduce the power consumption for an always on display.


For the 2.0 version of the RaspiBlitz wit would great to see if we can switch to the following ePaper Display Hat: https://www.amazon.de/HAT-Resolution-Electronic-Controller-Three-color/dp/B074P32F9B/

We have one to play and hack with at the hackday - ask Christian (doge t-shirt) at the hacktable. To goal fo this challange would be:

  • install ePaper drivers on raspiblitz and document it.
  • write a sript to display some basic raspiblitz status information on it (utilize also red/green color).
  • displaying QR code and small graphics would be a big plus.


You can find detailed information abou the ePaper display here: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/2.7inch_e-Paper_HAT_(B)

Also there are some other projects working with that ePaper display and raspberry pi in the lightning context - check here: https://twitter.com/lncnx/status/1032962233167269889

It would also make sense to partner up with this challenge that also includes a ePaper display: Zap iOS Wallet with RaspberryPi Zero Backend

Are you up to the challenge? Come to the hack table ask for christian, send a twitter message to @rootzoll or email to christian@fulmo.org


Bounty The bounty for this challenge is a Ledger Nano S & you can keep the ePaper Hat. The sponsor is christian@fulmo.org please get in contact for details.