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=== Self-organized Sessions ===
=== Self-organized Sessions ===
The weekend is ours - check out or add [[Self-organized Sessions]] around the HackSprint.
The weekend is ours - check out or add [https://wiki.fulmo.org/wiki/Self-organized_Sessions_May_2020 Self-organized Sessions] around the HackSprint.
=== Past Hacksprints ===
=== Past Hacksprints ===
* [https://wiki.fulmo.org/wiki/Lightning_HackSprint_April_2020 Lightning Hacksprint April 2020]
* [https://wiki.fulmo.org/wiki/Lightning_HackSprint_April_2020 Lightning Hacksprint April 2020]

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The Lightning Hacksprint is an online event aimed at improving the Lightning Network. Following the spirit of the "Lightning Hackday", the focus will be on contributing to already existing Lightning Network projects. It's mostly coding, but also testing and media documentation (e.g. tutorials, moderated discussions, etc.) is very welcome.

This Wiki was created to collect all important information around the event and for the later documentation of outcomes. Feel free to create your own project subpage.

Basic Timetable 📋

Saturday/Sunday, May 9th/10th 2020

▶️ Check out the Self-organized Sessions to see more times!

Tools & Links

These are the tools we will use during the HackSprint:

  • Fulmo-Mattermost a OpenSource Slack for group chats & basic coordination
  • Fulmo-Jitsi for group video chats if you need a room to exchange in person.


This is the main focus of the Lighting Hacksprint - pick a project you find interesting and help on their challenges.

See the list of challenges and join the projects chatroom to get started.


If you would like to incentivize someone to work on a specific challenge, you can put up a bounty. It should be clear under what conditions a bounty is granted, otherwise just be creative!

See the list of bounties so far.

Self-organized Sessions

The weekend is ours - check out or add Self-organized Sessions around the HackSprint.

Past Hacksprints