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List of [https://wiki.fulmo.org/wiki/Bounties_Istanbul_2022 Bounties]
List of [https://wiki.fulmo.org/wiki/Bounties_Istanbul_2022 Bounties]
=== Past Events ===
=== Past Events ===

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This wiki.fulmo.org was created to collect all important information around the event and for the later documentation of outcomes.

The Lightning Hackday is an on-location event (finally again) aimed at improving & experimenting on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The focus will be on contributing to already existing open source Lightning Network projects, discuss ideas & concepts or start new projects. You need a ticket to attend - see here: Tickets & Details about Lightning HackDay Istanbul 2022

Basic Timetable 📋

February 25th Friday - 27th Sunday


  • Warm-Up Friday 25th ?pm (IstanbulTime UTC+3)
  • Kick-Off Saturday 26th ?am (IstanbulTime UTC+3)
  • Wrap-Up Sunday 27th ?pm (IstanbulTime UTC+3)

▶️ Check out the Self-organized Sessions to see more times!

Workshops & Talks

List of Workshops & Talks

Self-organized Sessions

The saturday & sunday are ours to discuss, show & tell and hack - if your on location, check out or add your own sel-organized session.

List of Self-organized Sessions


If you would like to incentivize someone to deliver on a specific challenge, you can put up a bounty. It should be clear under what conditions a bounty is granted, otherwise just be creative!

List of Bounties

Past Events