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Maybe on this or the next hackathon we want to let the audience vote on LApp demos. Why not give very lightning node one vote?

Such a prototype would be an LApp showing a (mobile) website. Showing multiple options to vote on. To make the vote count the user has to make a payment over lightning. The amount of satoshies does not count - its important that the Lapp just counts the vote with maximum of one vote per node. The LApp should have one screen where voting results can be monitored - just showing numbers is fine for a prototype.

Are you up to the challenge? Come to the hack table ask for christian, send a twitter message to @rootzoll or email to

potential solution


The bounty for this challenge is 1000 Dogecoin (Anybody feel free to add more). It can be claimed for a minimalistic Touch UI that runs on a RaspiBlitz allowing to peer, build channel and sending with other preconfigured RaspiBlitzes. The sponsor is please get in contact for details.