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Lightning Apps that we found - as an example and inspiration for you:

  • Yalls Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments.
  • nanotip Lightning Tip Box (based on c-lightning)
  • ifpaytt IFTTT (If Pay Then This) based on Lightning payments
  • lightning-jukebox A Lightning powered Jukebox
  • wordpress-lightning-publisher Lightning Publisher for WordPress
  • filebazaar Sell digital files with Bitcoin & Lightning
  • paypercall Charge for HTTP APIs on a pay-per-call basis with Bitcoin and Lightning
  • nanopos A simple Lightning point-of-sale system, powered by Lightning Charge
  • LightningBuddy Twitter relay for Lightning JSON-RPC interface.
  • ln-dice Dice gambling service using the Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals
  • ln-tip-slack Slack tipping bot using Bitcoin Lightning Network for payments
  • lightning-faucet A faucet for the Lightning Network
  • Matreon Self hosted platform to receive money from your supporters, using Bitcoin Lightning network
  • LightningGem A game of speculation using bitcoin and the lightning network
  • ZigZag Crypto asset exchange built with Lightning Network.
  • Swap.Online Exchange bitcoin to altcoins using HTLC
  • lnplays] Play Pokemon using Lightning Network
  • lightningspin Spin the wheel and win or loose
  • lightning-roulette put your satoshis on the table
  • MicroBet Make your prediction and let people bet against it using Lightning Network micro payments.
  • HackALapp Vote for educational videos about the lightning network (source code)