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Announcement: We have Bitrefill API keys for you to hack with .. ask us before (twitter: @fulmolightning) or at the lightninghackday #3.

2nd Announcement: We have access to a Bitcoin-ATM by General Bytes including online support. We will only move it to the venue if requested though. Please contact (twitter: @fulmolightning)


This is the brainstorm area. Get inspiration on what to hack.

Add your own ideas by editing the page.

Bounty Challenges

Hack on a challenge - get a bounty.

Want to create a bounty? Edit the page and call us on twitter @fulmolightning

Running Projects

Projects people worked and working on during the Hackday:

  • [RaspiBlitz]- Run your own Lightning Node on a RaspberryPi
  • [SweetBit] - A Bitcoin/Lightning-based candy dispenser.
  • Lightning ATM
  • [402 demo] Lightning Network payments in the Web Browser - make 402 as easy as a 401 basic authentication dialog (work in progress!)
  • BeadNet - A visualising library for payment channels where payments move like beads on a string within a channel.
  • Armbian Bitcoin Core - Run Bitcoin Core (and c-lightning) on any Pi using Armbian (I brought an Orange Pi)
  • lnplays.com - play Pokémon over the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • donnercraft - Minecraft Server plugin with lightning support
  • Faces of Lightning - Photobox to pay for & tweet your digital polaroid souvenir
  • Ride The Lightning - RTL, a Web UI for LND node

Edit wiki page to add your project - even if its just a link to your GitHub.