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This is the brainstorm area. Get inspiration on what to hack. Add your own ideas by editing the page.

Bounty Challenges

Hack on a challenge - get a bounty. And if you are not a programmer, but you want to see an idea happening - set a bounty.

  • RaspiBlitz Monitor (100 Dogecoin) - improve the RaspiBlitz status display script
  • RaspiDemo (1000 Dogecoin + Ledger Nano S) - make a UI for RaspiBlitz for a showcase and learning setup
  • SatoshiFlut (1000 Dogecoin + Ledger Nano S) - combine Pixelflut LED Displays with satoshis.place
  • SatoshiRain (1000 Dogecoin + Ledger Nano S) - a DogeRain app on Lightning network

Running Projects

Edit wiki page to add your project - even if its just a link to your GitHub.

  • [RaspiBlitz]- Run your own Lightning Node on a RaspberryPi
  • [SweetBit] - A Bitcoin/Lightning-based candy dispenser.
  • Lightning ATM
  • [402 demo] Lightning Network payments in the Web Browser - make 402 as easy as a 401 basic authentication dialog (work in progress!)