Chase lost satoshis

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I have "lost" 454321 Satoshi due to a bug in c-lightning which has been fixed after filing this bug report:

reading this bug report you can see that the Satoshis are still as an unspent P2WKH on the blockchain. I still own the hsm_secret of the lightning node from which all keys are being derived. However I don't know which keypair to use and I am not strong on HD Wallets and key derivation.

The goal of this bounty is to follow the BOLT protocol specification for key derivation to find the derrived keypair that was used for this particular output (as it was not stored in the sqlite3 db nor was the commitment basepoint shown in the logfile) Also I don't want you to find the satoshis for me. I want to work on this together and be part of adapting some of the c-lightning code in order to be able to claim the satoshis / create a valid transaction that transfers them. The goal of this bounty is to gain a better understanding of the core software powering the lightning network, key derivation, key generation as well as the libraries necessary to code all those things.

This bounty will mean that the satoshis will be shared between the people working on this an me. So if we do one on one coding you receive half of the satoshis and I keep the other half. If we are a team of three everyone gets a third.

person of contact: Rene Pickhardt (