Challenges May 2020

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How to participate

If you like to get a better overview of the challengers, join the kickoff live stream. You may also join later on.

Most projects listed their challenges as sprint issues on Github, simply comment on those that you are interested in and the project mentors should get back to you.

Also register on https:/ and let us know in the channel "Lightning HackSprint" what you like to work on.

Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for the HackSprint so far:


Github issues with label "hackathon":


Github issues with label "hackathon":


RTL (Ride The Lightning)

Quickening - Room77 Point of Sale




more info coming

SendMany App

Lightning Spam Protection

Implement into this wiki to replace the current spam protection.

Adding your Project

Feel free to add a challenge yourself! The wiki is open to any Bolter (you'll figure out how to edit.) Get in touch on Mattermost for more information and collaboration.