Challenges March 2021

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Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for this HackSprint.

Feel free to add your own open-source project with your own challenges you like people to join during the Hacksprint - leave a twitter or github contact and we will reachout to you before the event.


Github issues with label "hackathon":

Video explaining how to contribute to the RaspiBlitz development:

Chatroom to get started:

Wiki Lightning Spam Protection

Pseudozach created a prototype on the last Hacksprint: and we have it running on this wiki already.

Do you have ideas how to improve it?

Chatroom to get started:

The team of invites you to improve the website and calculator to compensate the CO2 footprint of Bitcoin mining as voluntary and decentral action.


  • price drop
  • new collaborators welcome

Lightning Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia flagged the german article about lightning as "outdated" .. are you up to the task to improve it?

Lightning Browser Extension

During the last hacksprint we started a new Lightning Browser Extension to bring Lightning payments to the browser. The goal is to have a lightweight extension that can connect to multiple node implementations.

In this hacksprint we try to continue working on it and get the extension into an usable state. Any ideas and help welcome (specifically React frontent work... ;)