Challenges March 2021

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Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for this HackSprint.

Feel free to add your own open-source project with your own challenges you like people to join during the Hacksprint - leave a twitter or github contact and we will reachout to you before the event.


Github issues with label "hackathon":

Speical focus on:

Video explaining how to contribute to the RaspiBlitz development:

Chatroom to get started:

Wiki Lightning Spam Protection

Pseudozach created a prototype on the last Hacksprint: and we have it running on this wiki already.

Do you have ideas how to improve it?

Chatroom to get started:

The team of invites you to improve the website and calculator to compensate the CO2 footprint of Bitcoin mining as voluntary and decentral action.


  • price drop
  • adding domains for LetsEncrypt
  • new collaborators welcome


Adding the OpenDEX to the RaspiBlitz (as a docker app).

Contant on twitter: @kilrau

Lightning Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia flagged the german article about lightning as "outdated" .. are you up to the task to improve it?

Lightning Browser Extension

During the last hacksprint we started a new Lightning Browser Extension to bring Lightning payments to the browser. The goal is to have a lightweight extension that can connect to multiple node implementations.

In this hacksprint we try to continue working on it and get the extension into an usable state. Any ideas and help welcome (specifically React frontent work... ;)


During the last hacksprint, we started working on the Costanza wallet for Moneysocket. That's now complete.

The challenge this time around is to build a chat application that utilizes Moneysocket. An intro video introduces this project:

This will be built with a Python websocket server backend and a Javascript client frontend. Happy for any help or just to chat about related ideas and concepts.

Project repo:

Moneysocket homepage:

Costanza Wallet:

Moneysocket Telegram group:

Lightning Labs

We have put together a list of experimental ideas for building on bitcoin in our Lightning Bulb resource. We hope it inspires some great ideas over the weekend. The list includes:

  • A native interface to Lightning on the web
  • Streaming payments on social platforms
  • Distributed storage and retrieval using Lightning
  • Distributed compute with Lightning
  • Lightning-based metered VPN
  • Lightning Paywall Plugin
  • Pay-per-use Lightning API calls

For more details, please follow the link.

We'll be hanging out in either the LND Developer Slack or the Lightning Lab Discord.

Lightning payment based online surveys

Last month I did a survey of impediments of Lightning adoption among Bitcoin companies (happy to share the results). The rate of response was ok but could be better.

Why not leveraging the properties of Lightning with instant and private micro transactions to increase the number of responses?

There is open source survey software available. I am looking for support and team members to integrate Lightning payments (and make it available as a web service ideally)

For example, survey creators can determine the reward per answer upfront. Each answer would display a LNURL-withdraw code for the user to get the sats into their wallet.

Happy about ideas and feedback.

Chatroom to get started:

Contact on Twitter: @MoritzKaminski


Join the LightningATM community in our Telegram group. A group of enthusiasts that have built their own LightningATM's or need help getting there.

Topics that we'll be working on this weekend:

  • Help people getting setup with their LightningATM's
  • Improve interoperability with different e-ink screens
  • Improve payout method for Lntxbot (payout without Lnurl)
  • Github issues with label "hackathon":