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Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for this HackSprint (please contact @rootzoll on twitter to add your project):


Github issues with label "hackathon":

- Test v1.6RC1 - openoms: finishing the dialog GUI for joinmarket

Video helping you to get started with RaspiBlitz development:

Chatroom to get started:

Contribute to the book Mastering the Lightning Network

Andreas, Roasbeef and Rene have blocked time on the weekend to work on mastering the Lightning Network! So you can go to and check their current progress. Quite some fundamental chapters of the book are written and the authors will be happy if you read them and give feedback. This could include:

  • Feedback that something was too complicated, easy, boring, repetitive, poorly written or just awesome and should not change (:
  • You can look at our current structure and pick up chapters or sections and just write some text
  • Check the examples and pictures. Do we need better / more graphics and examples?
  • Are we missing topics?
  • Does the structure and read threat of the book make sense to you?
  • even just improving the language to make it more simple, improve the grammer and spelling would be very welcome.
  • Try running the Docker images and examples and give us feedback about that.

Chatroom to get started:


frennkie build for the last hacksprint and its now integrated into the RaspiBlitz v1.6RC1 to test out. So this challange is for people that have a RaspiBlitz to play with and like to test the IP2Tor-Tunnel service and help with feedback.

Chatroom to get started:

Quickening - Room77 Point of Sale

Github issues starting with "Room77"

Chatroom to get started:

Bowser DIY HWW

The bitcoins are in the other castle!

If you have an M5Stack, why not try making the Bowser DIY Hardware Wallet.

See video:

Chatroom to get started:


Chatroom to get started:

In a push to get lnbits new update out and extend its functionality, x3 0.03btc bounties are available for anyone developing extensions. If you're interested in making an extension, pop into the stream for a chat. If the community likes the idea, you can make it and on completion get one of the bounties!

see video:

Wiki Lightning Spam Protection

Turn this prototype to add a Lightning SpamProtection into a Media Wiki Extension thats easy to install and config on a standard Media Wiki.

Chatroom to get started:

Interface for standard banking software via FinTS

Merchants accepting Bitcoin (over Lightning) need an easy way to integrate transactions into their existing bookkeeping software. Like you can connect your bank account to your bookkeeping software by the FinTS it would be great of you can connect your Lightning Node (running on a RaspiBlitz) to that software and manage your Bitcoin Holdings as a "Foreign Currency Account".

The GitHub-Issue with details:

There is a 0.03 BTC bounty to create a small server software (running on a lightning node) that implements a subset of the FinTS standard to connect and manage your Lightning transactions with a FinTS supporting bookkeeping software.

Chatroom to get started:


A DIY-Lightning Coin ATM - coins in, sats out

Documentation DIY:

Github issues with label "hackathon": (Python)

Chatroom to get started:

Zeus App

Github issues with label "hackathon" (Typescript / React-Native)

Chatroom to get started:


This is the new name for the cheapnode project: Building the cheapest possible bitcoin fullnode (+lightning and other services) on old Android phones.

Help wanted on Github issues with label "hacksprint"

Chatroom to get started:

Frontend for rubygems Donations



DemoVideo of Backend:

Chatroom to get started:


Python Bitcoin block information, transactions, send message to Space and more.

Github issues with label "hackathon" (Python)

Chatroom to get started:

Rust Lightning Network node

Another LN node? Why we need it?

The problem with the existing Lightning node implementations is their very limited extensibility for such things as:

  • future LN upgrades (channel factories, pay-to-ec-point, taproot),
  • protocols on top of LN (layer 3), like DLCs on LN [1] or proposed Lightspeed payments [2], which require modification on the structure of the commitment transaction.

We will try to build a node that is highly modular and is ready for the future LN extensions. More information here:

We will continue the Rust LN node development based on LNP/BP library; for more details you can refer our project backlog and todo issues here:

During the hackathon we are planning to:

  • Refactor LNP node with the latest developments from LNP/BP Standards Association:
  • Use the new LNP networking protocol stack from rust-lnpbp library for note IPCs, RPCs and P2P
  • Use LNP API tools and API code derive macros for doing API all requests
  • Finalize P2P networking layer

Contact Users:

  • Dr-Orlovsky [3]
  • Olga Ukolova [4]

Check for details!

Chatroom to get started:

Need more ideas?

Looking for yet another idea to build a small LApp? Check out Ideas for LApps!

Adding your Project

Feel free to add a challenge yourself! Ask Jeff or Rootzoll on the Mattermost for the password to edit the Wiki-Page. If you have a GitHub Repo best practice is to put the label "hackathon" (yellow) next to issues you like people to join/help for the weekend. If you added a challenge please also get in touch on Mattermost for more information and collaboration.