Challenges December 2020

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Projects with Challenges

This is the list of Lightning Network related projects that registered for this HackSprint (please contact @rootzoll on twitter to add your project):


Github issues with label "hackathon":

  • rootzoll: Testing the Lightning Vouchers (IP2Tor & LNbits)

Video explaining how to contribute to the RaspiBlitz development:

Chatroom to get started:

Wiki Lightning Spam Protection

Turn this prototype to add a Lightning SpamProtection into a Media Wiki Extension thats easy to install & config on a standard Media Wiki.

Chatroom to get started:

Micropayment wallet for Moneysocket

Help flesh out the existing skeleton of a micropayment-oriented wallet that speaks the Moneysocket protocol to interconnect with other applications.

Web Dev skillsets needed (CSS, JavaScript, Buildscripts, etc.).


Moneysocket Protocol:

Chatroom to get started: